Just Jasmine and Josh

Dinosaur Mum

While LA is out with mother’s group at drinks

Josh: “Dad will you read me one more story? The one with the dinosaur and the mummy dinosaur… please? When I see the mummy dinosaur in the book, it reminds me that my mum loves me… even because she isn’t here.” *sad face*

He got his story.

Blood test

Josh on Mike’s annual health check-up blood test

“Do they take your blood?  Do they take ALL of your blood?  When they are done the test do they put it back?

“Do you need a hug to be brave daddy?” (arms out).


A big bag of “no”s

LA: “Jasmine do you want some sandwich?”

j: “No!”

MB: “Jasmine do you want some cheese?”

j: “NO!”

LA: “Jasmine do you want a squishy?”

j: “NO!”

MB: “Do you want pasta?”

j: “NO!”

MB: “Do you want a big bag of NOs?”

j: “… YES!”

Now when Jasmine starts with her “NO”s – josh says “Sounds likes someone wants a big bag of Nos!”

Also at the shops, Jasmine says to LA a few weeks later “Mummy, I would like to buy a big bag of Nos”.

Too sweet.

Seat Thief

Jasmine: “I want Josh’s seat!”

Lee-Anne: “What do you like best about Josh’s seat?”

Jasmine: “Ummm…. I like stealing it!”

A present

Josh: “Happy Birthday dad – would you like me to give you a present?”

M: “Yes please!”

Josh: “Do you know what it is?”

M: “No”

Josh: “It…. A BIRTHDAY HUG!”

One of the best presents ever.



Jasmine on the way to ballet class: “I don’t want to be a ballet star ANY MORE!” *grumpy face*

2 hours of ballet later as she is falling asleep: “Mummy… I … love…. ballet….zzzzzzzzzzzz………..”

Uncle Ryan

Josh (to Lee-Anne): “Is Uncle Ryan your dad?

LA: “No! He’s my brother.”

Josh: “WHAT!? You never told me that!”


Josh: “I wish we lived in Canada”

LA: “Really? Why do you want to live in Canada”

Josh: “So I could play with Uncle Ryan’s transformers every day!”

You’re Welcome

M: “Thanks for a really nice evening last night Josh. Thanks.”

J: “Your welcome for a really nice evening last night dad. You’re welcome.”

Primary School

During his first orientation day at Killarney Heights Public, Josh: “I think I’m really going to like coming here!”


Queen Mummy

At bedtime…

j: “Excuse me King Daddy?”

M: “Yes Princess Jasmine?”

j: “I’m not Princess Jasmine, I’m Princess BABY!”

M: “Ok, Princess Baby, what is it?”

j: “I want to give King Mummy a cuddle.”

M: “You mean Queen Mummy?”

j: “… excuse me King Daddy?”

M: “Yes Princess Baby?”

j: “I want to give King M… Queen Mummy a cuddle!”

The Biggest Smile

Josh had a great day at Sporty Little Munchkins and on the way to the gym he was so happy and smiling and he said to Lee-Anne:

“Mummy, my smile is sooooo big I have to close my eyes!”


After the Play School Live concert, there is a wooden fence railing.

Children go under.

M: “Hey Josh, should daddy go under or over?”

J: “You should go around the bus stop and not over the fence”

M: “I’ll go over!”

Audible gasp of surrounding parents as I lose my balance and tip head first towards the ground, saved by hugging the wooden beam with my legs.

J – looking at my bloodied shins “OH DADDY! You should have listened to me and gone AROUND!”

M (wincing while blood runs down my shins): “Ok kids, lets get ice cream”

J + j: “YAAAAAY!”


LA: “Oh no we are going to miss the train!”

Josh: “Oh crap!”

LA: “What did you just say?”

Josh: “Ahhhhh…. I want to get a puppy?”


J: “I’m going to send a postcard to Jacob… cause he’s my best friend… and Chloe, cause she’s the sister of my best friend Jacob… and Jacob’s dad! Because he is the dad of my best friend!”


J: “Dad, I love you… I love you more than the Statue of Liberty… and more than Williamsburg…. and more than the ferrys and boats and towers of New York City!”




M: “Josh how did you sleep last night?”

J: “I had a bad dream.  I dreamed a giant spider was chasing me and Jasmine and then it caught me and made me cry.”

M: “That sucks!”

J: “Dad, if we ever see a spider that is so big we can’t squash it can I use your fighting stick (my old bo staff) and you get your Dragon Sword (an old decorative sword stashed in our garage) and we will smash it and chop it’s legs off together?”

M: “Sure and I tell you what, if you want I will bring my fighting stick and Dragon Sword into your dreams and we can hunt for spiders and chase them and chop them up!  All you have to do is imagine me into your dream.”

J (massive hug): “That’s a great idea, I can’t wait for another spider dream when you and me will attack the spider – then I won’t be scared at all! I love you dad!”

… makes me feel like father of the year.

Not for long…

Jasmine: “Daddy, you can be the baby and I’ll be the mummy”
M: “Okay, waaaah waaaah!”

Jasmine: “It’s ok baby, you can be happy!” (patting my head)

Josh (standing over us with a toy gun) “Not for long … Peow peow!”

Darth Vader

Josh, on seeing Darth Vader without his mask: “Darth Vader’s not actually a bad guy, he just lost his hair! Just like Uncle Adam! He’s just like Uncle Adam!

Canada Day

M: “Jasmine we are going to the Canada Day party today”

Jasmine: “We are going to Canada Day Birthday CAKE!”


(after my mum tripped and fell over in the street)

Josh: “I was really, really worried about Nanny Karin when she fell over, daddy”

Me: “That’s very sweet of you josh”

Josh: “Yeah, I was really, really worried that the dinosaurs would come and there would be blood everywhere!”

I’ve never been to a meeting …

Josh: “Daddy are you going to work?  When I grow bigger I want to come with you to work and we can go to meetings together… I’ve never been to a meeting!”

Me: “Meetings aren’t very much fun.”

J: *considering* “Can I bring toys and play at the meetings?”

M: “I don’t see why not.”

J: *happy* “Then the meetings will be the funnest ever, and you and me will always go to all the meetings together when I grow up.  I’ll bring toys for you too!”.

I miss you

Jasmine: “I miss you daddy… I miss you so much!”

Me: “That’s so sweet Jazzy, I miss you too.”

Jasmine: “Daddy,… I miss Peppa Pig.”


Jasmine is climbing all over Josh, who is getting annoyed…

Mike: “Jasmine do you want to go and jump on the trampoline?”

Jasmine: “… no thank you daddy… I want to jump on Josh.”


(while Josh is blowing bubbles at a daddy long legs spider)


Jasmine (whispering): “its a little bit scary daddy.”


Josh: “In Mars, no one can breathe… not Canadian people… not American peoples… not even AUNTY VETTY!”


(Josh is left alone for 2 minutes eating breakfast)

J: “Can somebody please come and give me a cuddle and keep me company because I’m eating cornflakes … … by myself!”

Transformer Mouth

Josh: “I’ll do a silly face!”

Jasmine: “I’m a do a transformer mouth!”

Transformer mouth



Josh “When I was sick you looked after me. So now you are sick I will look after you dad!”

What a sweet little dude.

Last breakfast of the year

Josh: “for my last breakfast of the year I would like bacon and cookies.”